Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween and JACKSON

Jackson is my sister's dog. We kept him for a few years while she was away at college and now that she's gotten married and moved away to another state, taking him, there's no way I could ever hang out with my furry friend any time again soon ;(
Anyways, to commemorate him, I'll be doing his portrait.

I love ya Jackson, best dog I've ever known

Also, let me introduce you to Hank the Devil, Hank the Bat, and Hank Sir Bones.


  1. Hank-- too cute!! esp the one in the red shirt. were u at Petsmart?? i was there last week and guess what? i tried to be Batdog, too! but the Bat ears wouldn't stand up very well on my head. And we ended up buying the skeleton...! i'm gonna be a skeleton for Halloween... glo-in-the-dark, is urs too?? me can't waits for Halloween...

  2. i love the flying crazy batman photo! hehehehe