Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello! It's me, the roofiest of ruffs, Hank. Momma calls me Hanky Panky, but you may call me ultimate nonseeing leader of the free world. :) 
So Momma and her boyman and lil O me went to petco the other day. At this glorious place, mom let me smell anything I wanted. She even let me smell some new people! Some gave me dogs treats and cookies, others rubbed my belly. One big retired marine man even sat on the floor with me and called me handsome, cutie, and all sorts of other truths as he patted my majestic fur for a LONG time. There was this one couple that just looked at me and said to eachother "look at his eyes!" to which momma interrupted the conversation and said "he doesn't have any eyes. " The just looked at her and said, "what, really?"  HA! Ya think they would have known just by looking at me. I mean, they were checkin' me out for quite some time before momma had to tell them I am a no-seeing handsome basset.
If you want to see some more of me, here are a few awesome pics and some not so awesome pics about momma

 There's me walking past some raw-hides. (They didn't tickle my fancy..)

 That's me AGAIN! getting a good whiff of pee. I think this fella really had to let loose....

Oh yeah, that's mom's cacti's flower. I think it's from her baby toes or ET's fingers. 
(yeah, I know they sound weird, but that's what they are called. Hehe)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I think this picture was taken on Thursday evening. 8-25-11
It's hard for me to believe Hank had his surgery done not too long ago. It feels as if he's much older than he really is and that I've had him for a couple years ATLEAST. Time goes by so quickly. :)
I got him a new harness a few days ago at petco. A Medium sized Kurgo harness. it was on sale and only $17!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Worked on it a little more. Can you tell? the chest is looking better in my opinion.. But still not quite the way I want it. I have no clue how to blend it until I'm happy. Bigger brushes make blending easier. I'll try a really big brush I suppose. The snout- Also difficult.

I added more wrinkles and light shading to the right leg and I'm not pleased with it :) Yay

Waiting for the car guy and my brother to call so we can take it to a mechanic.. boring. I need cash to buy it with..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1989 Honda Prelude

I found this from the internet, it is not the actual honda prelude I'm wanting.
The one i'm looking at does not having the honda logo on the front. Instead, it's in the back seat of the car. (lol) I have clear drying cement that I will glue it on with though if I do decide to buy the car.

The right front fender on the car is messed up. It was in a wreck and was currently claimed as "totalled"
It now has a Salvage Title.. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the axle. I test drove it and it didn't feel like the alignment was off.. In fact, it drove quite nicely and sounded like a little kitty :)

I flipped up the headlights to see if they work, and man.. For some reason, when they went up, I really got a kick out of it.. So did my brother who went driving with me (along with my dad)
 It was freakin hilarious. We were both cracking up. We're a little nutty sometimes.. Ha!

I'm really excited about this car because I really like the exterior appeal of it. (Gosh I hope it's okay mechanically...Ugh! I will find out tomorrow morning!)

American WereWolf and Hank

that's what I'm watching now and what Hank is listening to. I must say, this movie is quite amazing the way they make him transform before your very eyes. Rick Baker (artist and make-up man, I commend you!)

Anyways, for more pressing matters -Hank! He is doing wonderful. He got his stitches out on Monday, which is absolutely fantastic! He's doing fantastic and if it weren't for those missing eye balls, no one would ever be able to tell that he can't see. Yes, he does run into the occasional open door, step stool, vacuum cleaner, purse, etc. But he makes his way around exceptionally well besides those few "rough bumps"

There Hank Williams is without his stitches!

I want to celebrate Halloween with him and take him trick-or-treating, but I have no clue what kind of costume to put him in. I also wanted to wheel him around in a rusty red wagon I have from my childhood to save him from the burden of walking around aimlessly... But no idea what to dress him up as yet. Any ideas? I don't much care for Ray Charles, but I'd love to make him a costume with a "fake body" and hands that are playing a piano. Plus he'd look great with some black custom fitted glasses!

Now for momma.
- I've been stuck in my search for cars. Plenty of things on craigslist, but whenever I find something I am actually interested in, it's already been sold by the time I contact the person. Yes, things sell that fast at the highest price of $1700.. Boo. Right now there's a man near my town selling a sporty 1989 Honda prelude.
My brother, sister, the man selling it and I are going to bring it to a mechanic tomorrow. It blows only hot air, no cruise control, passenger side window doesn't roll down, passenger seat belt is broken.. But what can I say, I really like this car so far.. I'm hoping there's nothing major going on with that A/C.. Like the compressor needs replacing or radiator or whatever else doesn't have to be replaced.. Maybe just add some Freon and it'll be A-OK. I pray that's ALL.

I'm also working on a new project
A big basset-y picture. 16"x20"
Looking  good so far? let me tell you, the hardest part has been blending in the chest along with that left leg towards his back.
The wrinkles have been fun :) I'll add a blue-square shaped border around the outside area to add more dimension. This has been really fun to paint. I haven't painted a picture larger than 8" x 12" inches since last year. Just haven't felt the motivation.. I always flake out on painting. I hope I finish this because I'm pretty stoked on how well it's turned out so far.

and here's another picture I'm working on in colored pencil. Not too proud of it unfortunately.. I'm missing the right colored pencils so I haven't been able to do it the exact way I've wanted it.