Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I love how he tilts his head when I talk to him in a relatively high pitched tone. He is just SOOOO cute!
He is a precious pup, as you can tell.

Today I gave him 1 Clavamox( Last pill.. Apparently I don't need a refill since it's an antibiotic and his eyes aren't infected.. )
He's had his Glycerin today, too. Put it along with his water. (3cc every 8 hours along with 3cc water or melted icecream, milk, etc. ) gave it to him at 7:30 and again around 5 pm.
He's also had both of his drops today. (Dorzolamide- 1 drop 3 times a day, prednisolone acetate 1%- 1 drop every 8 hours. ) Dorzolamide- 7:30, again at 5 pm. Prednisolone- 7:30, again at 5 pm. )
and Vetprofen 24mg- 1/4 tab. by mouth two times a day(q 12hours).  gave it to him at 7:30 gotta do it again around 8 pm.

He has to get that glycerin again around 1 AM along with his Dorzolamide and Prednisolone and the vetprofen...

PHEW! Lots of keeping track of things to do! I haven't started a written schedule yet, either. It's been a few weeks since he's on meds and I've just been trying to remember what times to give him his medicines.. I don't think I've messed up at all, not even once. 
Maybe it's about time I start a schedule, hm? I'll use this blog space as an excuse to make one. Heh. I'll just post when I give him his meds for the first time of the day and which ones I've given him along with when the next time is that I need to give them to him.

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