Thursday, July 28, 2011

AH! Oh my goodness

Long time no blog.

Hank has had his surgery and during the same operation was neutered.

Here are some before and after shots of my lil bugger.

He got the operation last wednesday and as of yesterday it's been one week since.
Good news is, he's finally got them out and he's healed quite well.

Bad news, his neutered stitches developed a small infection around that area.
More good news is, I have antibiotics and am now treating them :)

AND he has his rabies shots and his other vaccinations! Now he can go to a dog park and play with other friendly pups.


  1. Oh Hank, you are too cute for words. I just want to hug you. Keep taking such good care of him, mama. He's so lucky to have you!

    Feel better soon, buddy :)

  2. Hank, I sure hope you feel much better now. I wanted to fill you in on another blind basset hound's blog.
    I follow their blog just like I do yours but did not know if you had stumbled across this blog.