Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello! It's me, the roofiest of ruffs, Hank. Momma calls me Hanky Panky, but you may call me ultimate nonseeing leader of the free world. :) 
So Momma and her boyman and lil O me went to petco the other day. At this glorious place, mom let me smell anything I wanted. She even let me smell some new people! Some gave me dogs treats and cookies, others rubbed my belly. One big retired marine man even sat on the floor with me and called me handsome, cutie, and all sorts of other truths as he patted my majestic fur for a LONG time. There was this one couple that just looked at me and said to eachother "look at his eyes!" to which momma interrupted the conversation and said "he doesn't have any eyes. " The just looked at her and said, "what, really?"  HA! Ya think they would have known just by looking at me. I mean, they were checkin' me out for quite some time before momma had to tell them I am a no-seeing handsome basset.
If you want to see some more of me, here are a few awesome pics and some not so awesome pics about momma

 There's me walking past some raw-hides. (They didn't tickle my fancy..)

 That's me AGAIN! getting a good whiff of pee. I think this fella really had to let loose....

Oh yeah, that's mom's cacti's flower. I think it's from her baby toes or ET's fingers. 
(yeah, I know they sound weird, but that's what they are called. Hehe)


  1. Aren't those places great?! We love Petsmart (usually...except on nail clipping day). Hope you got a new toy or a good chew bone.

    People are kinda dense sometimes. Some lady called me a Corgi at Petsmart once. That's almost as bad as someone complimenting your eyes. Sigh...oh well.

    You seem to do so well without your sight, Hank. I'm proud of you!


  2. Don't you worry about dense human comments Hank! They could not handle a "special" basset like you! Hope you got a great treat as a result of your trip.

  3. Poor poor adorable sweet Hank! I've been catching up on your sweet poor baby! I'm so glad you have such a loving mom though, to take care of you and get your (non)eyes fixed! You are going to be just fine. Just think! You're sense of smell will be even more amazing! You soon will be able to sniff butts from afar ;) I love you Hank!!! YOu need more photos!!!