Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1989 Honda Prelude

I found this from the internet, it is not the actual honda prelude I'm wanting.
The one i'm looking at does not having the honda logo on the front. Instead, it's in the back seat of the car. (lol) I have clear drying cement that I will glue it on with though if I do decide to buy the car.

The right front fender on the car is messed up. It was in a wreck and was currently claimed as "totalled"
It now has a Salvage Title.. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the axle. I test drove it and it didn't feel like the alignment was off.. In fact, it drove quite nicely and sounded like a little kitty :)

I flipped up the headlights to see if they work, and man.. For some reason, when they went up, I really got a kick out of it.. So did my brother who went driving with me (along with my dad)
 It was freakin hilarious. We were both cracking up. We're a little nutty sometimes.. Ha!

I'm really excited about this car because I really like the exterior appeal of it. (Gosh I hope it's okay mechanically...Ugh! I will find out tomorrow morning!)

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